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Why I Like One Direction. Quit Laughing


by Jack Criss
BAMSouth.com Publisher

I must admit I’ve become a fan of the worldwide pop phenomena, One Direction.

Stop snickering.

Yes, I was skeptical at first, too, as I am of just about any musical acts that have appeared on the scene since 1990—especially, this “new edition” to the boy band carousel which I assumed was probably just like, well, New Edition. Or worse, N Sync.

mlc_one_directionBut as a father, and one who strives to be attentive and empathetic, when my 12 year-old confirmed last year that she had become a “One Directoner,” I listened. First of all, I love doing anything together with my girls—I can give you plot synopsis of every Disney Channel and Nickelodeon sitcom to prove it. Second, Dagny’s announcement of being a fan of a music group is not the worst thing a dad could have his daughter confess to him: think “Dad, could I borrow some money so I can join this Scientology club?” or “But he’s soooo cute—and he’s out on parole in just a few months!”

So I listened. And you know what? I kinda like this One Direction.

As a music connoisseur (some would say pompous snob) and lover of great melodies, harmony and skilled playing, I must admit I was surprised at what I heard from these UK lads. But…there was a little substance; there was an obvious awareness of their rock and roll roots (hence all of the plagiarizing lawsuits being filed against the band); there was no obscenity or warning labels on their CDs; there was fun mixed in with pure teen sincerity. But best of all, there was absolutely no rapping.

I now sometimes find myself humming One Direction tunes when alone or even listening to the CDs in the car when Dagny is not with me. There’s no danger of these boys replacing Todd Rundgren or Yes anytime soon in my musical oeuvre hierarchy; but—for the record—1D is pretty darn good for what they are. (If they only didn’t have all of those awful tattoos…but I digress….)

So dare I confess again? This old rocker knocking on the door of 50 really likes One Direction. Dagny even bestowed upon me the most honorable distinction a teenage girl can apparently bestow upon another human being. “Dad,” she intoned solemnly—“you’re a ‘One Directioner.'” And so I am.

Until the next new band—or the next new whatever-it-may-be—comes along, then, I will remain a One Directioner. Proudly so. And my sincere hope is that, along with enjoying some pretty good tunes with her, my youngest daughter will forever treasure these sweet days of our sharing a common interest.

Even if it’s not Todd Rundgren.


Jack Criss

Jack Criss

Publisher and Executive Editor at BAMSouth.com
Jack Criss is the Publisher and Executive Editor of BAMSouth.com and owner of Criss Public Relations. He is a 30 year veteran of the business publishing industry as well as a former talk radio host, lecturer and author of "Ready, Aim, Right!" (Quail Ridge Press, 2004) and the forthcoming "The Great Greek Philosopher: Aristotle For Young People" (DagKat Press, 2017) as well as a work of teen fiction, "Book Island" and the non-fiction title "SuperfloUS: When Mediocrity Is Enshrined And Civility Fades." He was born, raised and currently lives in Ridgeland, MS and is the proud father of Katie and Dagny.
Jack Criss
Jack Criss
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