WE ARE BAMSouth.com

BamSouth.com (Business Always Matters) is a unique business/cultural website devoted exclusively to coverage of the Southeast region of the United States from the nation’s capitol to Key West and from Savannah to Houston.

Our mission at BamSouth.com: To provide feature stories that are crisp, informative, inspiring and full of anecdotes and insights on entrepreneurs and companies in the South that have made an impact. Such businesses will range from Fortune 500 to Mom and Pop, from family-owned to sole proprietor…and everything in between. Our video channel will also show interviews with these same personalities, allowing the viewer to see and hear the person they’re reading about.

bamsouth_onlineBamSouth.com will also feature profiles of celebrities, athletes, artists, authors and philanthropic leaders in our region who have made a mark with their distinctive contributions. There is usually a business tie-in with the impacts such people have made and BamSouth.com will emphasize those commonalities, something that is often not done in the typical fawning and laudatory celebrity articles.

Moreover, BamSouth.com will provide some of the most cutting-edge and controversial op-eds to be found anywhere on the Internet. We have among our editorial writers many varied philosophical and political viewpoints represented and these seasoned professionals will no doubt incite thought, reflection, argument and possibly even action.

Unlike the stale, conventional and status quo editorial offerings from most business and political websites, BamSouth.com will not be afraid to give voice to those who are outside of the mainstream: Greens and libertarians, progressives and Old Right conservatives, futurists and historians—any view providing new insight on current issues will be featured and welcomed.

BamSouth.com will also allow professionals to offer advice, warnings and suggestions in the areas of finance, law, accounting and real estate—not only for those in the South but for readers in the entire nation.

So while the editorial scope of BamSouth.com emphasizes the Deep South and the Southeast, readers from all across the country—and world—will be drawn to the site for its inspiring, enlightening and provocative content.

Too often maligned in mainstream media, we at BamSouth.com believe that businesses of all sizes—but particularly the smaller, more entrepreneurial ones—provide our Southern cities and communities with services and products that don’t get the attention they deserve. Our editorial mission is to remedy that disservice by providing outstanding feature stories on businesses in our region that will inform and inspire the reader.

BamSouth.com is not only a PRO-business website—meaning we celebrate business success and honest profit-making unapologetically and enthusiastically—-we will objectively demonstrate the specific “ins” and “outs” of the businesses we profile to reveal how their success is achieved. Such demonstrations are unique in business publications and websites.

To put it another way: we will reveal what makes certain successful businesses “tick” and, in doing so, inspire other businesses and our readers to do the same in their endeavors.

Our features, editorials, profiles and investigations will be written in a clear and non-technical style that readers from all sectors and sections of the business community will enjoy and appreciate. BamSouth.com will cover and promote solely-owned businesses as well as those larger companies in our region.

Success is the criteria; not size.

BamSouth.com will be beholden to no political party or position. We recognize that business success comes in many different philosophical persuasions and that much can be learned from various and diverse viewpoints. However, our editorial writers will indeed assume specific positions in order to stimulate debate, discussion and, hopefully, even instigate change in ways they best think the Southern business community can learn and benefit.

Our site will feature Op-Ed writers from all political persuasions as we believe that this is the best way to keep the flow of ideas moving in the right direction. BamSouth.com is not partisan except in one way: our mission to provide information, facts and opinions that we believe will best benefit the business community wherever those ideas originate.

It is BamSouth.com’s editorial position that the Southern region of the USA represents the best hope for future economic growth for the entire nation. This position is actually borne out by several recent studies which demonstrate statistically the increase in business in the South. BamSouth.com will be a catalyst for positive change as well as a vehicle for conveying the new progressive and aggressive economic engines of our region.

Our website will focus on the broad range of Southern business, technology, energy, entertainment, medicine, finance, real estate, tourism, education, athletics and more. The Southern region touches, enriches and finances many areas of this nation’s life and we will report on and cover those living here who are making the biggest and most unique differences.

It is not only the desire of BamSouth.com to be used as an economic tool to bring potential investors a positive look at what we offer as well as providing a mirror to those doing great things in our section of the country; we will also celebrate all positive things Southern on our page that pertain to the myriad of businesses and entrepreneurs we have in our midst.

In particular, BamSouth.com will emphasize the accomplishments and creativity of our business community and its leaders through which, again, all other accomplishments follow and depend upon.

There are many, many places to go for business news on the Internet today—there’s no question about that. But there is no website devoted exclusively to the Southern United States which is the fastest growing—and arguably most interesting—business sector in our nation. While we will concern ourselves with top quality style in layout, format and ease of access on our site, we will not forget the substance of BamSouth.com: our articles, editorials and features will undoubtedly be discussed and reviewed through social media outlets long after they are first published.


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New Orleans, LA
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