Todd Rundgren’s Five Most Underrated Songs

(As compiled by Publisher Jack Criss—non-scientific, of course!)

5). “Weakness” (from 2008’s “Arena”): Staring off with a bluesy, Hendrix-esque riff, this confessional evolves into a beautiful, soulful ballad highlighting Rundgren’s heartfelt and emotional vocals and harmonies.

4). “Blue Orpheus” (from 1985’s “A Capella”); Using only his own vocals—running through an Emulator—Rundgren delivers a dense, multi-layered and eerily sad paean to loss—and possibly redemption?

3). “Tables Will Turn” (from 1995’s “The Individualist”): This apocalyptic tour de force starts modestly enough before morphing into a blistering assault on inequality set in a doomsday future while featuring Rundgren’s best and most immediate “rap” followed by a torrid guitar solo.

2). “Fidelity” (from 1989’s “Nearly Human”): An adult song about a relationship in the balance. Hurt, loyalty, pain, redemption—all touched upon in a gorgeous and ultimately philosophical song about love and its challenges in the modern world.

1). “Sometimes I Don’t Know What I Feel” (from 1973’s “A Wizard, A True Star”) Cursed (?) to be on what is Rundgren’s best album, this track—kicking off Side Two of the masterpiece—is as good an example of Philly soul than anything the contemporaries Gamble and Huff could have written. Soulful and existential, Rundgren’s plaintive, touching vocal mourns the sadness of life before announcing an ultimate triumph at song’s end. A masterpiece.

Jack Criss

Jack Criss

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Jack Criss
Jack Criss
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