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The Unaffordable Care Act


If Obamacare could talk, it would be crying out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

The question now becomes: Should a massive tax on the American people be saved, amended, or abolished? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, was correct—Obamacare IS a tax.
As with all “progressive” taxes it seeks to suck the lifeblood from those who can pay to those who can’t.

But something went wrong. In the case of Affordable Care Act, the Democrats who rammed through Obamacare in Congress without a single Republican vote or input, failed to actually read the massive bill.

Meanwhile, human resource departments, hospitals, small businesses, and insurance companies HAVE read the 10,535 pages of final Obamacare regulations, and they got to work implementing this new law. Policies that didn’t meet the criteria of the Affordable Care Act regulations had to be cancelled. Letters went out to policy holders.

Meanwhile, hospitals suddenly discovered that their payments for Medicare and other programs were being lowered. Doctors suddenly discovered that they were being dropped from government approved health networks. Many hospitals soon learned that they were no longer part of government approved provider networks.

President Obama (and Nancy Pelosi) had, point blank, stated that if you liked your doctor and your insurance, you could keep them. Now, Obama, Pelosi, and a host of Administration spin-doctors are frantically attempting to explain away their lies. They’re not succeeding.

Most Americans, even those who voted for President Obama, have reached a conclusion: the Obama Administration, Congress, and big government in general cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

What’ wrong with Obamacare? Bottom line:

  • Government force applied to your health care choices and decisions is a potentially deadly combination;
  • The Affordable Care Act is NOT affordable. In fact, it’s unaffordable;
  • Your choice of how and when to spend your health care dollar is no longer your choice;
  • You are now mandated, by the threat of fine and force, to buy government approved health plans.

If you value your freedom and liberty, it’s still not too late to sweep Obamacare into the trash bin of failed government policies.

Ken West

Ken West

Contributing Writer
Ken West is a writer and speaker focused on helping individuals achieve a successful, balanced, and productive life. Ken, a former paratrooper who served in Vietnam, is the author of Get What You Want. He is past president of a chapter of the National Speakers Association, and founder of Better Grip Media LLC. Currently, Ken is the project manager for an international training and consulting firm in south Florida.
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