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The Twilight Zone Of American Politics

Imagine a visitor from a distant galaxy who comes down to planet Earth. He takes the form of a normal earthling. His mission is to find out what the dominant political philosophy is on the planet and he happens to land in the United States.

After collecting all necessary data, he returns to his far away planet with this report:

The dominant political philosophy of planet Earth is a combination of collectivism and individualism. It appears that collectivism has the upper hand, but individualism appears to be making some strides. In general, earthlings who favor collectivism have the following traits:

  1. Want expansive government to solve all problems;
  2. Distrust those who openly disagree with the dictates of government;
  3. Believe in a “collective will,” of which government is the Implementer-in-Chief;
  4. Seek more “benefits” from government even at the cost of restrictions to individual action;
  5. Get a sense of self-worth from being part of a collective;
  6. Views rights as material benefits and resources taken from others.

On the other hand, the earthlings who favor individualism display the following traits:

  1. Seek smaller, less intrusive government, limited to protecting individual rights;
  2. Trust their own judgment and ability to live life as free individuals, not members of a vast collective;
  3. Government as servant, not master. Its job is to protect individuals against force and fraud by enforcing objective laws designed to protect rights, not deny them;
  4. View government “benefits” as exerting too onerous a price in taxes, deficits, and, most importantly, loss of freedom;
  5. Seek self-worth through productive work, not collective action;
  6. Views rights as freedom of action, not material values taken from someone else.”

The following are the recommendations, based on the above information, that the alien De Toqueville then gives to his superiors:

“If we still seek to take over planet Earth, it’s imperative that we ban guns immediately. The individualists, to a large extent, are armed and ready to defend themselves. The collectivists, on the other hand, will support us in this effort.

Ban books favored by individualists, exemplified by such works as ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ ‘1984,’ and ‘The Road To Serfdom,’ to name just a few of the more influential treatises.

Require all bloggers to be licensed by the new regime. Jail those who refuse.

Promise the collectivists more benefits and government largesse. If any of them get suspicious, promise them high positions in the new government.

Utilize the techniques developed in other periods of Earth’s history, such as slavery, segregation, confiscation, labor camps, torture, and mass executions.

Be ready for major push-back from the individualists.

Enlist the help and support of the collectivists who will eagerly assist us in our effort to suppress the individualists.

Come up with catch-all slogans such as ‘Hope and Change,’ ‘Free Lunches for Everyone,’ ‘Heath Care for All,’ ‘Ban All Guns,’ etc.

That is all.”

Are the aliens among us? Think about it.

Ken West

Ken West

Contributing Writer
Ken West is a writer and speaker focused on helping individuals achieve a successful, balanced, and productive life. Ken, a former paratrooper who served in Vietnam, is the author of Get What You Want. He is past president of a chapter of the National Speakers Association, and founder of Better Grip Media LLC. Currently, Ken is the project manager for an international training and consulting firm in south Florida.
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