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The Parties’ Over?


Perhaps it’s time to end our (predominantly) two party political system as we now know it. Perhaps ALL political parties should be abolished.
justsaynoThis suggestion is not an endorsement for pure anarchy—not yet anyway. The U.S. at this juncture could not sustain or survive absolute freedom—with apologies to all of my more radical libertarian friends. We’re just not to that point yet—and perhaps never will be.

But are we at a point where all political parties have run their respective ideological courses? Has loyalty to the brand totally destroyed independence in the candidates’ thinking? Is the “good of the party” more important than the “good of the people.”?

I think the answer to all three questions is a resounding “Yes.”

Imagine if you will a political campaign run solely by individuals, people beholden to no apparatus—government, business or otherwise—concerned only with issues that affect a given constituency. Candidates would no longer be able to hide behind or depend upon party loyalty, brand fealty or guaranteed financial largesse. Instead, those seeking office would have to rely on their own judgment, speak their own minds and respond to the voters directly instead of falling on their party for support.

Our newly-unshackled candidates could no longer depend on the deep pockets of their party. They would have to raise their contributions directly and exclusively from individuals, groups and organizations that support them thus insuring a much more fair and equitable electoral process.

Such candidates would also be free to be much more frank, upfront and honest without constantly worrying about toeing any preconceived ideological line. This newfound freedom of directness would allow voters the opportunity to make a real decision—one unencumbered by tradition, stereotype or, heaven forbid, what the neighbors with the opponent’s sign in their yard might think.

Increasingly, poll after poll show a growing majority of Americans—especially younger ones—have a mix of philosophical ideas when it comes to politics. They are disenchanted with the monolithic two party system yet might not feel comfortable supporting any of the other alternative candidates.

Wouldn’t it be great to allow these young voters—actually, all voters—the choice to truly have the chance to cast a ballot for the individual, with all that entails, and not the party?

And since I’m in the realm of fantasy land, wouldn’t a “None Of The Above” option look great on the ballot, too?

I’d vote in every single election then…



Jack Criss

Jack Criss

Publisher and Executive Editor at BAMSouth.com
Jack Criss is the Publisher and Executive Editor of BAMSouth.com and owner of Criss Public Relations. He is a 30 year veteran of the business publishing industry as well as a former talk radio host, lecturer and author of "Ready, Aim, Right!" (Quail Ridge Press, 2004) and the forthcoming "The Great Greek Philosopher: Aristotle For Young People" (DagKat Press, 2017) as well as a work of teen fiction, "Book Island" and the non-fiction title "SuperfloUS: When Mediocrity Is Enshrined And Civility Fades." He was born, raised and currently lives in Ridgeland, MS and is the proud father of Katie and Dagny.
Jack Criss
Jack Criss
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