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Six Questions For A Metro Executive

BAMSouth.com will pose six questions at Southern executives from time to time to get their quick and spontaneous answers and opinions to a myriad of questions.


The first executive we speak to is Mr. Pat Vivier, CLU, ChFC, AEP, MSFS
( www.patvivier.com) who is based in Ridgeland, MS. and runs Pat Vivier Financial Group.


BAMSouth.com: Is there ONE thing—legislation-based or otherwise—that could help the Metro’s economy grow quickly or more efficiently in your opinion?

Vivier: Reduce crime in the city of Jackson

BAMsouth.com: The highest point in your business career thus far has been…?\

Vivier: Right now—and getting better every day.

BAMSouth.com: A recent college graduate asks you why they should stay in the Metro to start a career. How would you respond to him or her?

Vivier: The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. I started Pat Vivier Financial Group from scratch thirty two years ago and recognized the opportunity to grow a financial services business here. There are opportunities everywhere— you have to open your eyes to seize them.

BAMSouth.com: The best business book you ever read was what? Conversely, what business book was the most overrated or waste of your time?

Vivier: Best? “High Touch Selling” by John Savage; the most overrated has to be “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferris

BAMSouth.com: In your business career, who has been your greatest inspiration?

Vivier: Early in my career, probably my first hiring manager. Over the years there have been many friends and associates who have inspired me

BAMSouth.com: The best part of being in business in Mississippi is…?

Vivier: Opportunities abound—without a doubt.



Contributing Writer
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