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Mosquito Problems? This Business Can Take The Sting Out

(BAMSouth.com Publisher Jack Criss recently interviewed Bradley Downey, local owner of Mosquito Squad of Jackson, about getting rid of the pesky summer insects especially now with all of the associated risks.)

BAMSouth.com: Is Mosquito Squad of Jackson a franchise?

Mosquito Squad of Greater Jackson and Vicksburg is a franchise that was started over ten years ago in Charlotte, NC.

BAMSouth.com: Where is the corporate office based and how many offices are in the US?

The corporate offices are located in Richmond, VA and there are over 200 locations nationwide.  Mosquito Squad franchise locations cover all parts of the map.

BAMSouth.com: Briefly, how does your process work?

ms_truckOnce a customer has contacted us and gone through the sales process, we schedule them for treatment. Treatment consists of an inspection of the property for standing water, an application of an insect growth regulator, and treatment with our proprietary blend of products with a backpack blower/sprayer. With the blower, we treat all of the vegetation around the home and the yard as well as the eaves and foundation of the home if accessible.

BAMSouth.com: Is there a guarantee?

We have a 100% money back customer satisfaction guarantee that we will reduce the mosquito and tick population in their yard by 85-90%.

We do NOT guarantee that the customer will not see any mosquitoes, but we do guarantee that they will be very happy to be able to enjoy their property after the first treatment without being run inside from the menacing pests.

BAMSouth.com: Why would you recommend your services when so many municipalities already spray on a regular basis?

Most municipalities only use an insect growth regulator in the trucks that treat ms_acneighborhoods.  The IGR prevents the emergence of new adults from the breeding grounds. If that IGR does not get into the water that the mosquitoes are breeding in, it will not be effective. We use a three step process that guarantees results. We eliminate standing water if possible, we treat standing water that can’t be eliminated with the IGR, and we kill the adults with the products used in the blowers. Our product continue to kill the adults for 21 days.

We also install and service MistAway misting systems. These systems provide the ultimate degree of pest elimination. They mist several times a day and the products used are effective on a broad spectrum of pests. These are traditionally used around stables for fly mitigation on livestock. They are the top of the line system and we provide a hassle free service package. The customer can simply forget about the system and we can monitor it from our office and service it as needed and on a specific interval for product refills

BAMSouth.com: Do you give an assessment first or just come out and treat a home/surroundings?

We do not have to do an assessment of the property. Our system has been proven in all sorts of environments throughout the country. If we can educate the homeowner to work with us in keeping the standing water minimized in the 21 day cycle, we are certain that we can provide an exceptional product.

BAMSouth.com: Safe for humans, pets?

ms_familyAll products used by Mosquito Squad are used according to the label and are registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which means the ingredients have been scrutinized and tested for safety for consumer use when applied according to the label. Homeowners utilize our treatments to reduce the risks of contracting a vector-borne illness such as West Nile virus or a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease, which can both cause lifelong health issues.

We do ask that homeowners, children, and pets stay inside during and after the treatment for 30 minutes to allow the product to dry. This is no different from the recommended time for a lawn treatment of herbicides and fertilizer. We take care not to treat vegetable or herb gardens, but we do recommend rinsing the produce off prior to consumption just as you would store bought produce.

BAMSouth.com: How long have you had the franchise?

I have had the franchise since last fall. I had to go through some training and education requirements to obtain the pest control license which took about two months and culminating in successful completion of two exams.

BAMSouth.com: What is your background?

I have worked as a manufacturing engineer for the last seven years. I worked for Milwaukee Electric Tool Co. for a few years, then moved to Vicksburg to work for Cameron International. The downturn in the oil and gas market last year caused me to start looking for a new opportunity and I did not want to be stuck behind a computer at my next job, nor did I want to be on the road away from my family. I am still employed at Cameron in Vicksburg, but the plant is in the process or shutting down, so it is relatively temporary.

BAMSouth.com: What is your favorite part of the job?

Meeting new people and seeing new things everyday.

BAMSouth.com: Conversely, the most challenging part?

Reliable help, believe it or not. This job is relatively simple as a technician, yet paying close attention to the details makes all the difference. It’s hard to get technicians to focus on every property and not just go through the motions.

BAMSouth.com: Has the fear of the Zika Virus increased your business?

I believe fear of the Zika Virus has resulted in some business.  I think it is something people need to be aware of and it needs to be monitored closely. There is the threat that the virus could be transmitted in MS through mosquitoes but, at this time, it is unlikely.  As Mississippians, we should be more concerned about West Nile and other forms of Encephalitis.  They are here, transmitted by mosquitoes, and are very dangerous.

BAMSouth.com: Where exactly IS your service area?

Our service area is a big block in west central MS. We cover Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, Brandon, Clinton, Vicksburg, and all of the surrounding areas.  If you live anywhere close to one of these areas, we will come treat your property.

(To contact Mosquito Squad Call (601) 501-7273 or email Jxn-Vburg@mosquitosquad.com)



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