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Local Attorneys Bringing New Buzz To Ridgeland

Thirty-Four Four LLC recently purchased and renovated the old Madison County Tax Assessor’s building on Highway 51 in Ridgeland, Mississippi. On January 30, the law firm, Gill, Ladner & Priest, LLC, moved into the newly-created second-story suite of offices. Bobby Gill, Kirk Ladner, and Jamie Priest are pleased that their law firm will be part of the Ridgeland business community. Their firm brings more than 60 years of combined experience, advocating for small businesses, offering a general law practice, as well as assisting accident victims and their families in securing a full recovery.

The Thirty-Four Four Building is also home to the Law Office of Don Mitchell and Harness Insurance Solutions. Thirty-Four Four LLC announced recently that CC’s CoffeeHouse of New Orleans will launch its first Mississippi coffee house in the Thirty-Four Four Building this summer.


Bobby Gill standing in future location of coffee shop

CC’s Coffee House serves a wide variety of coffee blends and beverages, made from the highest quality beans from around the world, ground every hour for maximum freshness. Among the popular drinks offered by CC’s is the Mochasippi, a frozen, creamy espresso drink available in a variety of flavors, including white chocolate, caramel, and sugar-free flavors. CC’s offers all-natural smoothies made with non-fat yogurt, 100% natural fruit, and no artificial preservatives.

The CC’s in Ridgeland will be licensed to GL Coffee, LLC. Bobby Gill and Kirk Ladner, investors in the local CC’s, say they are delighted to bring this quality business to the area. Gill said that CC’s will offer the highest quality coffee in an environment that is committed to giving back to their community.

Gill notes that one of the important aspects of this CC’s location is the inclusion in the building of a community room that can be reserved for small groups, Bible studies, and other community gatherings.

Ladner said that in looking at possible tenants and businesses for the Thirty-Four Four Building, they were attracted to CC’s because CC’s wants to weave a fabric of positive relationships and experiences that stretch from its coffee houses out into the world. “CC’s way of doing business is one that we could really buy into,” said Ladner.

Gill  and  Ladner  believe  that  CC’s  mission  is  exactly  the  mission  they  intend  to  bring  to  this neighborhood.  This location was not chosen lightly but with a view toward giving back and jumping into what matters locally and what makes a difference in the greater community.

The Thirty-Four Four Building is located in the Ridgeland business district anchoring the corner of Highway 51 and East Ford Street, a high traffic corridor bustling with family and business activity.



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