Five Metro Stores You DON’T Want To Visit…

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Once again, we must preface: is Pro-business and supportive of our many great local businesses, restaurants and facilities. However, from time to time, we feel that our readers need to know the truth about some of the places around town that may be a bit over-hyped or just downright bad—or has non-existent customer service. Our third pick in the “Top Five Stores You DON’T Want To Visit” falls firmly into the former category.)

3. Target (Yes—the big chain)
170 Promenade Blvd. Flowood, MS

targetGenerally, we here at like Target as a one-stop shop department store—especially as opposed to the increasingly unacceptable WalMart. However, this particular Target located in Flowood has deteriorated in so many ways that it’s hard to overlook—-and downright painful to shop.

Why Target corporate hasn’t seen fit to do something/anything about this store is beyond us. The last three times we have been in merchandise can be seen strewn all over the floors in several departments. Misplaced items are everywhere (it’s almost looks like a retail Easter egg hunt). But the real kicker and blood pressure riser is, after you gather up your items for purchase, you head to the check out line.

That’s right—LINE. The one that “might” be open out of the 20 or so available. We have literally had to wait to purchase two items for ten minutes in a line that stretched from the register that’s open to the ladies jewelry department. If you’re familiar with the store you know how far that is. Fellow customers mumble and grumble and fidget while store managers (?) or associates walk right by oblivious to the line they’re passing through. It’s really quite unbelievable—and downright unacceptable for a major, national retail outlet like Target.

And do you hear an apology for having to wait forever and a day when you finally do survive your arrival at the promised land of the cash register? Uh, no. You’re hardly even looked at if acknowledged at all—except, of course, when asked for your total due.

Get it together, Target in Flowood. Pay attention to your store appearance and unbearable long lines or we might just have to start going to WalMart.

Or maybe not.

Anyone for a Costco in the Metro?!


4. Primos Cafe/restaurant
515 Lake Harbour Drive, Ridgeland, Mississippi

primosYes, this Primos is convenient—we’ll give it that. We’ll also assume that that is why is stays consistently busy; it’s sure not because of the food.

Okay, to be fair here: Primos is an interesting place to go eat if you’re a gambler and like to take chances. Will your food be hot or cold? Tasty or tolerable? Will the coffee machine be out yet again at 9 am during breakfast rush? If you like that kind of dilemma with your dining experience then this Primos is your kind of place.

And sometimes we’ve gotten some pretty decent food at this location—for a hefty price. Look, this is NOT your father’s or grandfather’s Primos. It’s a crap shoot for the adventurous and, in our opinion, not worth all of the hype it’s given as a “great” Metro dining option. Sorry…

5.¬† FRED’S SUPER DOLLAR Discount Store
1898 Spillway Road in Brandon

fredsIf time is money you’re going to lose both in a big way at this Fred’s store just over the Spillway in Brandon.

While we generally enjoy shopping at the Memphis-headquartered chain store this particular location needs some serious help. The cluttered aisles are bad enough; but just wait until you get to the checkout counter—the one that just happens to be open. And you WILL be waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

At the past two recent visits our investigators tried shopping at this Fred’s a total of 18 minutes was spent in line to attempt a purchase. The first time we just gave up: after no recognition from the clerk it was apparent that our patronage just wasn’t that important. That was a 10 minute waste of time.

The second go around our wait time clocked in at eight minutes—all the while the checker talked on the phone, bantered with employees and failed to even look our way.

Clerks—and apparently store managers—are often seen sneaking smoke breaks outside while this kind of foolishness is going on in the store. In other words, customer service is not top priority in the minds of the folks at Fred’s on Spillway.

And apparently it’s not just us: we’ve heard plenty of negative reports about this store including rude behavior and lack of common courtesy.

So, if you’re tempted to stop in the hopes of finding a quick deal—just keep on driving.




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