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Do Muslims Have A Right To Hate The West?

We have all heard the cliche, “Before one can solve a problem they must first admit they have a problem.” It’s true.

This Iran Deal is proof of that.

We must admit our terrible foreign policy has made us and our allies unsafe.

Not only that, we have seen our civil liberties perish as a result. We have seen an America that looks at our “enemies” with more disdain than the government that creates them. Sure there are always going to be enemies of us, as nations and as individuals; for instance, there are people who hate me because I’m black or I’m libertarian.

However if I go out my way to create strife, should I be surprised if I face backlash?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

In 1942, we trained Ho Chi Minh to fight the Japanese in Burma, at the hands of the OSS, the father to the CIA. He turned against us when the war in Vietnam started. Millions perished as result of conflict. 58,000 men killed. Many died of cancer from Agent Orange.

In 1980, we trained Osama to fight the Russians and Osama would later use those same tactics against us. We see the worst terrorist attack in American history.

Jump forward to 2006: We bring “democracy” to Iraq and as soon as we leave, ISIS starts to come into play. Every time we dispose or fight evil “empires” it seems we lose. The people of that country are expected to clean up the pieces, are left nothing, and have a burning resentment towards us because we leave them in the hands of brutality and violence.

What was my point of the aforementioned? To set up for why Iran has a well deserved hate for the U.S.

1953: Iran democratically elects a president, he is overthrown by the Shah who is backed by the United States and the United Kingdom. This Shah becomes the face of the West and a corrupt tyrant. He plunders the poor, jails political opposition, and builds an Iran that caters to his every need.

For 26 years the people of Iran grow restless and revolt and take American hostages. The West, which single handily kept him in power, was the face of hate by so many in the Muslim community.

People say that they became “radicalized” by religion, but doesn’t the American Right so often scream that our culture not be run over by foreign influences? That we should speak English, keep prayer in schools, and have a government to enforce moral laws? Iranians are religious people and their ways were being destroyed and polluted by the West. The West had a direct hand in the political oppression of the people of Iran. As a result the backlash was they took our people hostage.

We have kept Iran out of the political conversation for so long, we have shown we don’t respect their voice, and we continue to hurt their economy. The current radicalization is just an continue of the 60s and 70s.

The western “devil” as they call us continues to hamper their lives—and can we say, with objectivity, that we too would not act with violent means against aggressors and infiltrators as well?

It’s time we admit that our influence in the region has caused otherwise peaceful people to be recruited to fight us. Isn’t it time to admit that America isn’t always right? Isn’t it time to say that we have created more violence than we’ve squashed?

That’s the way we move forward. We should stop saying their hate is simply because they’re Muslim, and start saying it’s because we don’t respect them.

We can move forward and have peace, but first we must admit that we have a hand in—and possibly even caused—the conflict.

Jeremiah Boddy

Jeremiah Boddy

Jeremiah Boddy is a student at USM. He is a Criminal Justice major. He hopes to one day serve in law enforcement and promote common sense criminal justice reform.
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