The Business of Politics….and Vice-Versa

On occasion I write for an online publication called—yes, the one you’re reading now.  Business Always Matters.  And it’s true—business matters in all aspects of our lives. It is woven into the very fabric of our society and it is involved with everything that we do, whether we want it to be or not. From the clothes we wear and the food we eat, to what we watch on television and how we educate our children. The effects of business are inescapable in our society.


Who Is a Spouse According to the Department of Labor?

By Ashley Eley Cannady

The Department of Labor issued a rule effective March 27, 2015, to revise the definition of “spouse” under the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”).  The new rule is intended to provide lawfully married same-sex couples the same FMLA rights as married heterosexual couples.  The FMLA provides eligible employees of covered employers with unpaid, protected leave for specified family, medical, or military reasons.

Five Metro Stores You DON’T Want To Visit…

Here at we pride ourselves in promoting positive and beneficial news and information about local business.


Why Stress Is Good For You

How many articles have you read in the last month about how bad stress is for your health?  A simple Google search for the phrase “stress damages health” turns up 42,400,000 results—yikes! Does reading all these articles about how stress damages your health actually stress you out?  Me too! Here’s the deal. Stress is a constant. It exists in our jobs, our homes, and our hobbies.


An Open Letter To My Southern Friends And Family

(Jack Criss/Publisher’s note: I first met Perry Stevens when we worked together at Newstalk 1180 WJNT in Pearl, MS in the late 80s. Perry was not only a consummate radio news professional he was also a good friend. I was very honored to reconnect with him on Facebook after many years of our losing touch.

Six Questions For A Metro Executive will pose six questions at Southern executives from time to time to get their quick and spontaneous answers and opinions to a myriad of questions.

Mississippi Spirit: Greenwood Attorney Opens, Runs Unique Winery


Lonnie Bailey is an attorney by day, having practiced with Upshaw Williams Bigger & Beckham in Greenwood, Mississippi for some 31 years, 25 of those spent as a partner. But a hobby and passion of this Shelby, MS native has recently turned into a full-fledged second career and, in the process, turned a lot of heads and pleased a lot of palates in the wine-drinking community.


Mississippi Couple Publishes Amazon E-Book

An old family tale is digitally preserved for all


Good Insurance And Dedication For Hattiesburg: Paul Sims and The Agency

by Jamie Jones O’Quinn Contributing Writer

HATTIESBURG, MS—Envisioning the future while incorporating the past can best describe the vision of The Agency owner, Paul Sims, who Paul_Simslives and works in Hattiesburg, MS. Sims, a graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi with a B.S. in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Workforce and Economic Development, has returned to the Hub City to run his independent personal and commercial insurance business after being raised and living in Jackson.


Hello Wall: Up Close With A Mississippi Business Giant and Innovator An Intimate

An Intimate Interview By Jack Criss Publisher

“A lot—most—financial firms promise service,” says Stacey Wall, President and CEO of Pinnacle Trust. “We deliver it.” A bold statement, for sure, especially in the competitive field which is financial brokerage. But, if you’ll excuse the pun, Stacey Wall and his staff actually put your money where their mouth is.”

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