Confederate Flag As Religious Symbol?

A topic that I don’t usually discuss much in a public forum, or with many acquaintances, is religion. 

Tennessee Company Boasts Three Generations Of Leadership, Celebrates Its’ Tradition

By Holland Dobbs

Special Contributor to

Approximately 175 people gathered  Thursday morning, June 11, to pay tribute to three generations of the Langsdon family who built

Gay Marriage Is Here

So, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that marriage equality is now the law of the land.  It’s one of the most wide-sweeping and important rulings since the high court made interracial marriage legal across the country nearly half a century ago.

The Key to Economic Growth: Corporate Headquarters

Where there are corporate headquarters, there is a robust, stable economy. And economic opportunity and prosperity. This is a fact.

Bailey Receives JYL’s Pro Bono Service Award

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP is pleased to announce that Simon Bailey, an associate in the firm’s Jackson office, was chosen for this year’s Jackson Young Lawyers Association’s (JYL) Pro Bono Service Award.

A Proper Foreign Policy: Interventionist Or Isolationist?

Throughout my involvement in politics it has become clear that there are a lot of misunderstood terms used to describe a variety of positions and ideas.

Belhaven Welcomes New Computer Science Professor

Belhaven University is pleased to announce the addition of faculty member Dr. David O’Gwynn to the new computer science program, beginning next semester.

Mississippi Association of REALTORS® Endorses Joel Bomgar


Five Metro Retail Stores You DO Want To Visit

You’ve seen (some) of the ugly in our Metro area thus far in the countdown of retail outlets and stores you need to avoid recently. But once again—in keeping with our pro-business philosophy—we’re presenting the next up of the “Five Metro Retail Stores You DO Want To Visit.” Without further ado..

Dual Career Balancing: A Personal View From An Officer And A Gentleman

By Matt Vitart

Since as early I can remember, I always had a desire to serve in the military.

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