The Frustration Of Sales

It today’s economy–really, in any economical period–sales can be exhausting.


Ashle Worrick: From Rundgren Back-Up Singer–To Rising Star?

Coming from a musical family, it appeared to be a fait accompli that Ashle Worrick would herself become a musician or singer.

Psycho Path?

To say we live in strange times would be the understatement of the year. As well as last year. And the year before.

Jackson Native Dazzles With Impressive Debut Novel

(The Roar Beneath by Donald Mangum, Mint Hill Books, Main Street Rag Publishing Company, Charlotte, NC, 132 pgs, 2016)

The risk of reviewing any work of fiction is giving away too much in terms of the book’s plot, theme and characterization. (more…)

Buy Local Or Buy Where You Want?

Guilt should never play a role in economic decisions. Especially when so many are struggling to make ends meet.

Review: A Jackson Bucket List In Book Form That Entices

(100 Things To Do In Jackson, MS Before You Die by Natalie West, Reedy Press, St. Louis, MO, 142 pages, 2016.)

The Secret Is…There Is No Secret

If I had a dime for every business article that promised to reveal some “secret” to success?

Art For Art’s Sake–Not For Tax Subsidies

The phrase “Art for art’s sake” was, at one time, a rallying cry in 19th Century France. The Romantics used it in the attempt to convey the idea that art has its own value and should be judged apart from any themes which it might touch upon, such as morality, religion, philosophy or POLITICS (emphasis explicitly added.)

Pragmatism Vs. Purity: Gary Johnson For President

Years ago, the Libertarian Party touted itself as the “party of principle.”

Reading Too Much Into A Father’s Lament?

Had I known that, more than likely, it just might be the last book I would be reading aloud to my daughter I probably would have stretched my words out a little longer.

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