Pinnacle Trust Market Update with Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy Nelson, President and Chief Investment Officer of Pinnacle Trust in Madison, Mississippi gives a brief overview of where he thinks the market currently stands. Nelson, long known as a market and financial expert in the South, will be featured on frequently with similar market updates. This interview was conducted by Jack Criss. (more…)

Flash Interview: Market Expert On The Michael Lewis Controversy

( Publisher Jack Criss recently spoke with the President & Chief Investment Officer of Pinnacle Trust, Jeremy Nelson, about the controversy surrounding High Frequency Trading that has erupted since the publication of author Michael Lewis’ new book, “Flash Boys.” Nelson has been with Pinnacle Trust, which is based in Madison, Mississippi, for 10 years and is known throughout the South as a leading expert on the markets.


David, meet Goliath

by Steve Massey Contributing Columnist

If the United States is truly going the way of Rome as a people, the over-extension of our political policies aren’t the only similarity we have with that dead empire. Romans loved their sports and were fanatics when watching gladiators or chariot races, as well as a host of other working class sports. You may recall this “bread and circuses” working class approach from Civics class.

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