SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling A Mixed Blessing

As I’m sure anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has heard by now, the Supreme Court ruled last week that same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states.

Separation (of Powers) Anxiety: SCOTUScare and Judicial Activism

It’s SCOTUS opinion season, and most of the country is currently discussing the Court’s decision requiring States to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. And while there are some arguments to be had with Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, the greater violation of Constitutional principle was seen in Chief Justice Roberts’s King v. Burwell opinion.

Tennessee Company Boasts Three Generations Of Leadership, Celebrates Its’ Tradition

By Holland Dobbs

Special Contributor to

Approximately 175 people gathered  Thursday morning, June 11, to pay tribute to three generations of the Langsdon family who built

Why Distributive Justice is Anything But

By Lauren Boudreaux

If you googled the word “justice,” the first search item that pops up is an online clothing store marketing incredibly cheap t-shirts with “catchy” slogans to ‘tweens. It amuses me that in a search for justice I’m immediately directed to an opportunity to spend money. Scrolling the first page of results, the definition of justice is nowhere to be found.


Government Propaganda in Marvel’s “Agents of Shield”

by Trey Goff

Marvel’s “Agents of Shield” is an entertaining new show about the adventures of a few secret government agents as they save lives and beat up the bad guys, all while carrying on witty and comedic banter. It’s a show that has been well received by critics and viewers alike.

The Key to Economic Growth: Corporate Headquarters

Where there are corporate headquarters, there is a robust, stable economy. And economic opportunity and prosperity. This is a fact.

A Proper Foreign Policy: Interventionist Or Isolationist?

Throughout my involvement in politics it has become clear that there are a lot of misunderstood terms used to describe a variety of positions and ideas.

Ingalls, Corporate Bailouts And A Delta Waitress

As you’ve probably heard by now, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant recently signed a $20 million dollar bond bill for Ingalls Shipbuilding. According to a Press Release from Ingalls Shipbuilding, this $20 million dollar bond will fund capital improvement and infrastructure projects within the shipyard. The bond itself is a result of a larger legislative package signed back in April of this year worth over $249 million dollars.


A Conservative Case for Marijuana Legalization

by Tavish Kelly

Let’s talk pot.


Tattoos And Zoning Laws

by Shea Dobson

Recently my hometown of Ocean Springs, Mississippi has been in the news regarding a tattoo shop attempting to locate downtown. It turns out after months of debate and controversy at city meetings and online, the City has decided to allow this tattoo artist a means to make a living.

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