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Wake Up Call for Mississippi Conservatives

2014 was an incredible year.


Trump Is A Phony, People

I get it, Donald Trump is making people that we see as our enemies upset. He’s “rustling jimmies”, he can’t be bought, and he’s a firebrand.


The Danger in “Safe Spaces”

What do preschools and universities have in common?


Uber: When Competition Is Seen As A Threat

Last week I was spending time with some friends in Des Moines Iowa at a local pub. It started to get late and I had a bit to drink so I opted to get an Uber for a ride back to my hotel. I took out my phone, pulled up the app and requested a ride which gave me an estimate of how long it would take to arrive. I was able to track the location of the car with the app so I would be able to meet them outside when it arrived. The app even gave me the name of my driver, his picture, and a description of the vehicle. Once the car arrived I got in and greeted my driver, Thomas, entered my destination with the app, and we started our journey.


Why I’m not a “Feminist”

Feminism seems to be the hottest, hippest trend amongst millennials these days. Everyone I associate with is a feminist, and everyone they idolize is a feminist, too.


Conservatives: We Can And Should Deal With Iran

The United States announced on July 14th that it has reached a landmark deal in negotiations with Iran regarding their pursuit of nuclear facilities. Conservatives predictably denounced this deal immediately and vociferously, saying things like “the terrorist regime Iran will get its nukes,” “Now we won’t get blown away by Iran’s nukes today. It will just be next week,” and all sorts of other hysteria.


Confederate Flag As Religious Symbol?

A topic that I don’t usually discuss much in a public forum, or with many acquaintances, is religion. 

R.I.P. Kemper – Fracked, Dead and Buried

It has been an expensive few weeks for Mississippi Power (MP). (more…)

Civics 101: Democracy Or Republic? And Why Care?

Over the past few weeks two specific issues have dominated the public discourse: the confederate flag and gay marriage. Predictably, Christian conservatives instantly expressed their outrage to the gay marriage ruling. Meanwhile the confederate flag continued to embody the fact that symbolism is a complex and emotional issue which has consistently divided my fellow southerners.

Checking the Numbers: Unemployment Rate & Labor Force Participation

(NOTE: This began as a discussion with a friend re: the politics of unemployment and workforce participation. But it got so in-depth, that I decided to share it as a note. FOX and other Right-Wing spinners continue to share a number of cherry-picked statistics and half truths. Here is a more realistic look at these numbers.)
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