Discovering Dixie: Contradictions, Myths, History…And Reality

by Jeffrey Cavanuagh Contributing Columnist

In this, the premier edition of our new online magazine devoted to covering Southern business and culture, it is fitting, I think, to first place the American South – from its culture and people to its businesses and economic potential – into a global context. After all, to paraphrase an old saying, the journey of a thousand miles may start with a single step, but if you don’t know where you’re coming from you’ll inevitably get lost while getting to where you’re going to. (more…)

The Marketplace, Orwell’s Mistake, and Homeless Entrepreneurs

by Ken West Contributing Writer

One thing we can take for granted is that in order to make an exchange in the marketplace of goods and services we must offer something of value. It’s fundamental to capitalism and to life itself.In his semi-autobiographical novel, “Down and Out in Paris and London,” George Orwell wrote about the hardships that a beggar encounters. Orwell wrote that a beggar works just as hard as someone pursuing a job, and that a beggar deserves remuneration.


The Moral Argument For Unfettered Capitalism

By Danny Bedwell Contributing Columnist

Autonomy Over Authority Is The Ticket To Prosperity

When using the term unfettered capitalism, I am referring to the exchange of goods and services where the terms of the transaction are determined completely by the parties involved—no outside entity placing themselves between the buyer and seller, nor any outside entity placing requirements on the terms of the transaction. It has been proven throughout history that whenever the buyer and seller are left alone to consider the risk and benefits of the transaction, they will only agree to the transaction if it makes sense to both of them. If one party or the other finds something in the terms objectionable, they may reject the terms, or renegotiate for more suitable terms. (more…)

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