Jerry and Mary Ann Garrity: True “Originals” In Ridgeland

It’s hard today to imagine a Ridgeland without a Northpark, without a local restaurant, with very little traffic. And without Gene McGee as mayor.

Ridgeland Attorney Shows True Vision

Don’t let his quiet, almost shy, demeanor fool you.



As a Community Oriented police officer Jonathan Wolfe is often described as the modern version of Officer Friendly.

Doe’s Opens Ridgeland Location

Can New Restaurant Actually Be The Best? (more…)


Jeff McManus is the brains behind the beauty of the Ole Miss campus
(As published in the May/June 2017 Issue of Rebel Nation Magazine)


You “Think” You Know Gene McGee–But Do You Really? A One On One

(Ridgeland Review recently conducted an interview with Mayor Gene McGee flush from his winning another term as our City’s chief executive)

Can You Take The Worry Out Of Stress?

Stress is something we all deal with.

G.A. Carmichael: Providing Unique, First Class And Much-Needed Health Services

Dr. James Coleman And G.A. Carmichael Family Health

“Operational Excellence” is their slogan. And in the case of the G.A. Carmichael Family Health Center is it an accurate–and apropos–summary of the facility’s mission.


Amazon “Volunteers” To Tax Mississippians: What You Need To Know

Amazon and the Mississippi Department of Revenue have announced that they have come to an agreement on a tax increase. We are just now finding out the details of this agreement, and it appears that it will cost Mississippi taxpayers 7% for online purchases.

Mississippi’s Cap On Non-Economic Damages Is Alive and Well

In 2004, the Mississippi State Legislature amended Miss. Code Ann. § 11-1-60 to provide for a $1 million cap on non-economic damages in civil cases. The statute is broadly worded to apply to “any civil action” and applies to all cases filed on or after September 1, 2004.

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