Else School of Management at Millsaps College Hosts Fall Forum on Sept. 15

The economic outlook for Mississippi and the nation as a whole will be the topic of the Millsaps College Else School of Management Fall Forum 2015 scheduled Sept. 15 at 8 a.m. on the Millsaps College campus.

Tennessee Company Boasts Three Generations Of Leadership, Celebrates Its’ Tradition

By Holland Dobbs

Special Contributor to BAMSouth.com

Approximately 175 people gathered  Thursday morning, June 11, to pay tribute to three generations of the Langsdon family who built www.OffTheDuck.com.

Five Metro Retail Stores You DO Want To Visit

You’ve seen (some) of the ugly in our Metro area thus far in the BAMSouth.com countdown of retail outlets and stores you need to avoid recently. But once again—in keeping with our pro-business philosophy—we’re presenting the next up of the “Five Metro Retail Stores You DO Want To Visit.” Without further ado..

Five Metro Stores You DON’T Want To Visit…

Here at BAMSouth.com we pride ourselves in promoting positive and beneficial news and information about local business.


City Councilman discusses possible Southwest return to Jackson

Ashby Foote discusses possible Southwest return (Part 1)


Six Questions For A Metro Executive

BAMSouth.com will pose six questions at Southern executives from time to time to get their quick and spontaneous answers and opinions to a myriad of questions.

“What Is Jackson’s Most Shocking Asset?”

Jackson City Councilman Ashby Foote recently sat down with BAMSouth.com Publisher Jack Criss for a far-reaching and comprehensive interview to be published soon. In the meantime, we asked the first-time politician a few questions including this one:



The Business Climate in Mississippi: Favors and Force Equals Less Freedom

The manner in which we do business in Mississippi is changing and I’m not certain it is for the better.


Could Ferguson Happen In Jackson?

Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri—white police officer shoots black man, grand jury doesn’t indict, blacks riot in downtown—have me wondering whether those events could ever occur in Jackson, Mississippi. As I always strive to offer a balanced perspective (which distinguishes me from national news media pundits), I’ll provide both yes and no answers with a full explanation.


Liquid Creative Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary With New Services


(JACKSON, Miss.) – Liquid Creative, a Jackson-based branding and marketing firm, celebrated 15 years in business this past August. The full-service agency has evolved over the years to continually offer new services to its clients in order to create unique, consistent, and recognizable brands.


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