City Councilman discusses possible Southwest return to Jackson

Ashby Foote discusses possible Southwest return (Part 1)


The Golden Age of America is Now

Too many libertarians, especially of the “sky is falling” crowd (the ones who have been predicting major societal collapse for 40 years), are sure we are in End Times. (more…)


( is pleased to begin a series of honoring outstanding young business professionals in Mississippi and throughout the South called “Future Leaders Among Us.” We presented these up and coming young leaders with a series of questions in order for our readers to discover more about them through their own words and thoughts thus showing why we think their futures are so very bright in our business communities.)

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie (Part II)

It appears we’re losing our country and communities and there may be nothing that can be done about it. We have met the enemy—and he is us. Not ISIL, Putin or Muslims.


An Open Letter To My Southern Friends And Family

(Jack Criss/Publisher’s note: I first met Perry Stevens when we worked together at Newstalk 1180 WJNT in Pearl, MS in the late 80s. Perry was not only a consummate radio news professional he was also a good friend. I was very honored to reconnect with him on Facebook after many years of our losing touch.

Why Aren’t We ALL Libertarians Now?

Freedom. Isn’t that what we all want today?

With Time Tickin’ Away, Rundgren Goes Global…And Parties Like It’s 2015


(Esoteric Antennae/Cherry Red Records. U.S. release date April 7, 2015. All vocals and instruments by Todd Rundgren unless otherwise noted in review.)

Six Questions For A Metro Executive will pose six questions at Southern executives from time to time to get their quick and spontaneous answers and opinions to a myriad of questions.

Enough With All Of The White Guilt

I am a white male. I make no apologies for it because I was born that way and had absolutely no control over my skin color. Conversely, those of other races can say the same: our skin color and our gender (minus surgical procedures) are metaphysical facts of reality.

Why I Love Israel Martinez

Get your minds out of the gutter—it’s nothing like that. Not even a man crush. More like abundant entrepreneurial admiration to the nth degree.

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