The Moral Argument For Unfettered Capitalism

By Danny Bedwell Contributing Columnist

Autonomy Over Authority Is The Ticket To Prosperity

When using the term unfettered capitalism, I am referring to the exchange of goods and services where the terms of the transaction are determined completely by the parties involved—no outside entity placing themselves between the buyer and seller, nor any outside entity placing requirements on the terms of the transaction. It has been proven throughout history that whenever the buyer and seller are left alone to consider the risk and benefits of the transaction, they will only agree to the transaction if it makes sense to both of them. If one party or the other finds something in the terms objectionable, they may reject the terms, or renegotiate for more suitable terms. (more…)

The “Knee Jerks” Are Everywhere


So: the Federal Government recently shut down; according to a unanimous chorus of left and left-to-center publications and blogs, Ted Cruz is the biggest idiot in America—even to members of his own party; Barack Obama is wielding power not seen since Mussolini—or worse, FDR; the Republican Party is in disarray; the Democratic Party is in similar disarray; the Tea Party is to blame for the impending deaths of schoolchildren nationwide; national parks are closed but the IRS is open; Rachel Maddow is a brilliant and perceptive commentator; oh, and so is Bill O’Reilly, he to whom the spirit moves.

Confused? You’re not the only one.


Hello Wall: Up Close With A Mississippi Business Giant and Innovator An Intimate

An Intimate Interview By Jack Criss Publisher

“A lot—most—financial firms promise service,” says Stacey Wall, President and CEO of Pinnacle Trust. “We deliver it.” A bold statement, for sure, especially in the competitive field which is financial brokerage. But, if you’ll excuse the pun, Stacey Wall and his staff actually put your money where their mouth is.”

David, meet Goliath

by Steve Massey Contributing Columnist

If the United States is truly going the way of Rome as a people, the over-extension of our political policies aren’t the only similarity we have with that dead empire. Romans loved their sports and were fanatics when watching gladiators or chariot races, as well as a host of other working class sports. You may recall this “bread and circuses” working class approach from Civics class.

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